Running Right On Schedule

We just dropped in North Cove. We’re on a good tack for the first time in many weeks; running right on schedule. If nothing goes wrong for the rest of the week we should get home Sunday (much preferred over Monday afternoon). I’m in pretty good spirits, in spite of a minor altercation with Mara (she sad I was picking at her).
We’re having some minor air problems. Yeah. Just add it to the list, right? I told ray that we had conferred with USX Breakdown and figured out a way to put our malfunctioning Eaton-Vorad radar into permanent fail mode (so that it doesn’t beep all the damned time). I think ray thought it was a hint concerning our long-running give-us-a-Volvo campaign. He wrote back and asked us if we had heard from Ken (Haynes); about the Volvo, I mean.
In other news, I’ve been thinking lately that we’ve been kind of harsh on Ray. I think on one hand Ray is not very good at communicating things and often puts out the wrong impression. But I also think that we’ve been playing the blame game at USX for so long that we’re too quick to go on the defensive. We have to keep in mind that ray isn’t a part of the vicious corporate culture in Chattanooga and Tunnel Hill. He doesn’t have to play the same games. So we probably owe Ray an apology.

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