Going Back To High School

I’ve been thinking about going back to high school and getting my diploma. The people I’m taking my mechanics course with also have a high school program. I finally looked at it and its courses yesterday, and I was quite impressed. I signed up for a high school course in 1992 with another company and never finished it because the program was a joke. This one seems much more detailed. For instance, instead of rushing you through the basics no matter where you left off and then handing you a diploma (a fancied up GED course), this one starts you where you left off. So if I do it I might start with the 9th grade (which is where I lost my way, really, though I didn’t quit until the 10th). I’m excited about it. For some reason, as I get older it seems more important to correct all of my mistakes that I can. I could have gone to college on a scholarship if I had pushed myself. Instead I’m a high school dropout with an I.Q. of 150 plus who’s driving through Chicago in the middle of the night in a big truck.

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