USX vs. Epes Transport

I’ve been thinking about our run a lot today; about all the things that have gone wrong for us. Since Thanksgiving last year we just haven’t been able to make this run happen, and we’ve been late a lot. It has seemed like between snowstorms, traffic jams, food poisoning and truck breakdowns, we just haven’t been able to pull this run off like we did the first couple of months we were on it. Sure, some of it can be chalked up to us not being willing to push ourselves that hard all the time; but mostly it’s been logistics. So much has gone wrong so often that we had begun to wonder if fate was trying tell us that we needed to be somewhere else.
After our misunderstanding with Ray earlier in the week we began to consider our options. One of those was going to work for Epes Transport (who was briefly my employer in 2002 after Loretta died). Well, today my old Epes dispatcher, Steve Herring, called the house and asked Mama if I (or Mara and I as a team) might be interested in coming to work for Epes. So I called him back. He transferred me to a recruiter named Vicki. During the course of that conversation it was asked if either Mara or I had any major violations in the past 3 years. I told her about my contested speeding ticket in California last year (15 miles over). That pretty much ended the conversation (rather abruptly at that).
So basically if that ticket is on my MVR or DAC reports, Epes is not interested in hiring me. I think Mara and I will be checking our MVR and DAC reports just for good measure. But if nothing shows (and we have reason to suspect that it won’t), I don’t know we would be interested in Epes now. Vicki acted like she had just discovered that I was a child molester or something. I didn’t appreciate that at all.
So if ray and U.S. Xpress will have us, I think we’ll stay put for a while. I just hope that we can start kicking this run again. Whatever the reasons, whether it was our fault or just bad luck, we haven’t shown ray much in quite a while. Right now I’m grateful that he’s been so patient, and I’m not at all unhappy about staying put.
How’s that for a change of heart?

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