Almost Reached Our Breaking Point

I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes, trying to think of where to begin. I’m very frustrated, and I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts so that I don’t just launch into an angry rant. For the most part, Mara and I have just about reached our breaking point in regard to U.S. Xpress and Ray. The only thing keeping us leaving is the fact that we need to stay put at least until we resolve the loan issue with CCB (which we’re going to try for again this summer).
Here’s the problem. Mara called Freightliner this morning. At first they told her that our truck was done. But they told us that yesterday, and the truck was not done when we got up there. So she asked them if they were sure. They double-checked, and lo and behold, it was not done. Freightliner didn’t repair the Eaton-Vorad radar, and after a week of telling us that it would be no problem they now tell us that they don’t have anyone qualified to repair it.
Then we come to Ray. Mara talked to Ray. He said that he had talked to Freightliner, and that they told him that we were done. Mara explained to him that we were not done, going through in detail the issues with the work order (pointing out that Freightliner had essentially repaired what they had repaired and washed their hands of the rest). Ray’s response was “They told me that you were done.”
Right now I am really suppress a strong urge to tell U.S. Xpress and Ray to take a hike. We’re sick of being ignored. Neither Ray nor U.S. Xpress give a shit about us as people. The issues we have brought up have been completely ignored. As long as the truck’s wheels are turning, no one gives a shit what our issues are.
The Eaton-Vorad radar was the most important issue for us. That was at the top of our list of repairs. The problem is that the unit has failed. This would be fine if it didn’t work at all. But it keeps resetting. Then it immediately fails and starts warning of an imminent collision. This means that as one of us is trying to sleep we’re listening to beep, beep, BEEP, ungggh, beep, beep, BEEP, ungggh!
But that’s not Ray’s problem, right?
I suppose the reason we’re so pissed off at Ray right now is that he isn’t fucking listening, and he doesn’t fucking care. Ditto for U.S. Xpress. The pressing question here is this; why the fuck are we working for these people? Well, money, of course. But money will only keep us here for so long.

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