Privacy Experts Condemn Subpoena of Google

Artwork by Jim HaynesPresident Bush’s and the Republicans’ war against the American people continues. Not only do they want to know what books you’re checking out from the library and who you’re talking to on the telephone, they want to know what you’re searching for on the Internet, by way of Google and other search engines. They’re using the issue of child pornography to justify this incredible breach of the public trust, and naturally the Conservative media talking heads are more upset with Google for having the information that with the President for trying to get his hands on it.

This may just be a smoke-screen. Republicans have essentially stated that these are the early shots in an effort to revive the Child Online Protection Act, a handy piece of over-reaching legislation that the Supreme Court threw out for being un-Constitutional. Now that the Republicans are on the verge of shifting the Supreme Court radically to the extreme right with the appointment of Samuel Alito, it’s unlikely it would be tossed out again should it make it back into legislation.

Don’t be mislead. The demands upon Google that have been made by the Bush Adminstration are indeed worrisome. But as with all things where Republicans are concerned, you have to dig a little deeper to discover what they’re really up to. We shouldn’t be as upset about Bush’s disregard for the American privacy that we forget that what he and the Republicans might do with any information gained is far more troubling.

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Children’s Online Protection Act of 1998

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