A Welcomed Exile

I’m sitting here in the den with Victoria, taking a few moments to write something by hand before we start going over music. This is part of a new approach for me. Something that I hope will force me to focus upon the things that need to be done rather than be distracted by pointless… Continue reading A Welcomed Exile

Goodbye Albert

I lost a friend the other day. As I think on it now I have to admit that I didn’t know him very well. Our friendship was still fairly new when he died. But I’d already found a great fondness in my heart for him. He would come running when he saw me, and he… Continue reading Goodbye Albert

Conservative Textbooks – Brazen Indoctrination In Texas

If you haven’t heard about the unbelievable moves in Texas to inject textbooks with Right-Wing Conservative ideology, it’s time to get up to speed. Activists on the Texas State Board of Education have been making changes to the curriculum in Texas that will help indoctrinate their children into a radically Conservative world-view, in the hope… Continue reading Conservative Textbooks – Brazen Indoctrination In Texas

Squirrel Therapy

Victoria and I just enjoyed a little quality time with the squirrels in the back yard. We’ve recently been given a wonderful gift – one that we never expected to experience again. A few days ago one of the squirrels came up to me as I sat in the chair on the patio, climbed my… Continue reading Squirrel Therapy

Calling All Angels

[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/callingallangels.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Train’s Calling All Angels was completed on May 18, 2010. I need a sign to let me know you’re here All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere I need to know that things are gonna look up ‘Cause I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup… Continue reading Calling All Angels

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

I just heard that Ronnie James Dio has died. If youre not a fan of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, this probably won’t mean much to you. But for those of us who grew up listening to Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio, this is significant. One of the old gods has fallen. We may never… Continue reading R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio


[podcast]http://www.wicasta.com/music/mp3/pony.mp3[/podcast]Windhaven’s cover of Kasey Chambers’ Pony was completed on May 11, 2010. When I grow up I want a pony I’m gonna ride her from dust til dawn I’m gonna brush her mane And feed her sugar cane And keep her in safe from the storm If I had a pony I wonder could I… Continue reading Pony

You’re Not The One

First I gave him beauty. Then I gave him light. He said “Your time will never come.” But I knew he loved me. So I would give him life. He said “Your time will never come. You’re not the one.” In the grip of passion, And the heights of love, I said, “Take from me… Continue reading You’re Not The One

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