Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
:: throws a pebble at Elizabeth’s house ::
I’m not sure specifically, but this is only the third or fourth time I’ve been to Rhode Island, and I believe it’s the first time I’ve picked up. It’s really pretty up here, but I’d prefer to see it in a car. The New England states apparently never counted on 65 foot long tractor-trailers (I had to back into my dock from a narrow street, and the nose of my truck is still on the sidewalk). Maybe I’ll come back up this way sometime in a car, so that I can enjoy it.
I was thinking today about how dramatically driving a truck changes your perspective of distance. I told Sabre that I thought it odd that I would pass within 30 miles of her house and 60 miles of Elizabeth’s on the same day. Then I later thought that 30 miles would only seem close to a truck driver, much less 60. I was just thinking of the time that Mama was stating with relatives in Fayetteville, Georgia, and I had some downtime in Atlanta. I invited them up to have dinner with us, and the relatives refused. One said “Lord, that’s almost thirty miles.” Hehe. Hell, 30 miles to me is just about there.
:: throws another pebble at Elizabeth’s house ::
Obviously I’m bored, or I wouldn’t be writing so much. This shipper told me “it’s going to be a few hours.” Hell, I just came off of my 10 hour break. It’s not like I could lay down and take a nap. Maybe I could lay down and think about recording. Or at least not truck driving. Maybe I’ll nod off and dream of being in my fully stocked studio. Maybe this time Elizabeth Hurley will be hanging out, waiting to fetch me things.
Nah. If I nod out I’ll just dream of Neima again. She’ll be poking me in the ribs and telling me to get on with it already.
:: pitches one last pebble at Elizabeth’s house ::
I should probably explain the pebble thing. I’m about 15 miles from where Elizabeth lives. So if there’s a rattling of pebbles on her window, it wasn’t me. I was using that metaphor / poetic license thingie. Speaking of which, I should check the expiration date on that license.

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