Ruminations In Virginia

At a rest area on I-85 in Virginia. I stopped to eat and thought I would take the opportunity to mention that my safety bonus deposited to my checking account today. Man, that was greatly needed. It’s $440 or so. Not as much as it could have been because I haven’t been running good with Epes, but every little bit helps. This isn’t enough to keep my cellphone on. Not even close. So I think I’ll just pay off my credit card and give Sherry the last $200 I owe her. She said I could wait until next month for that, but she’s made such an issue of this money that I want her paid now.
I had a few brief, foolish thoughts, like “Hey! I can buy that microphone now,” but they went away quickly. Right now every penny counts and it wouldn’t take much to see me out on the street. This puts me a little ahead of the game. I’m not going to waste it.
I’m working on other things, as well. I talked to Epes’ Payroll and Benefits yesterday (as I mentioned). Payroll is sending me a registration form to switch to per diem. Benefits told me that as soon as I get the separation papers I can have Mara removed from my insurance. These two things together should put about $400 a month back into my pocket. So that’s the next step in climbing out of this hole. The war is far from won. But I have a plan, damn it.
Well, I should go. Yesterday was a complete waste. By the time I reach the Petro in Mebane I had been on duty for thirteen hours, and was just getting started on this trip to Connecticut. So I said to hell with it and went in and had dinner (with an unexpected dinner companion – pretty lady! woo woo!). Then I bedded down (alone, for those who must know), figuring I would start fresh this morning.
Oh, well. It’s off to Connecticut. I’ll have to remember to wave west to Sabre when I got through D.C., and wave northeast to Elizabeth when I reach Plainfield. I should remind myself of where everyone is. I may be passing close to old friends all the time without knowing it.
Sorry, Justin. I don’t intend to get close enough to NYC to wave at you. I still love ya, though, Bro.

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