Good Scam

Carnesville, Georgia.
I just had an interesting encounter. A scam artist. She knocked on my truck door and, when I opened it, handed me a note on the back of a sign-language reference chart saying she was deaf and asking for a $2 donation to help feed her family. She then waved her hands about like a drunken sorcerer. I thought it was funny. My first thought was “good scam.”
Look, I don’t know sign-language, but it was obvious she didn’t either. For one thing, sign-language consists of fairly precise hand movements. She looked like she was trying to shoo away a fly.
But I gave her $5 anyway. What the hell? I’ve seen a lot of scams on the road. At least her’s was thought out. She squeezed my arm and mumbled something that was supposed to pass for mute speech. I waited until she got about ten feet from the truck and said “Have a nice day.“
She turned and smiled at me. Hehe

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