30 Miles From Home

Charlotte, NC. I’m about 30 miles from home and can’t get Epes to let me go there. I’ve had a horrific week and am looking at about 1,100 miles in the can. Right now I’m pissed off and disgusted with this company. I told my dispatcher I’d just asZX soon put this week behind me. He came back with “I’m trying to get you some miles.” What? Now? I’m disgusted, I’m close to home, I don’t want to be in this truck, and now they’re trying to get me some miles?
It’s Friday afternoon. I have to help Mama move this weekend and would rather just get to it. But I’m sitting at a truckstop in Charlotte, waiting for Epes to decide what the fuck they’re going to do with me, and I’m getting madder by the moment because I know they’re going to come up with something stupid.

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