A Book from Tony

Mama told me that another package came from Tony today; a book about Victor Wooten, signed by the author Paul R. Hargette. I wonder if Tony has made the same connections that some other people have (that Victor Wooten uses techniques that I was tinkering with 20 years ago) or if this was just random? Either way, it was nice of Tony, and of Mr. Hargette, and it’s much appreciated.
I’ve been giving the CDs that Tony send me a good workout on my iPod this week. Robin has quite a voice. Tony’s guitar playing has mellowed into a great blues voice. And Tony was right. I do like the production. Jim Brock has pulled off the kind of production I always had in my head (and which I fully intend to pull off shortly myself).
Anyway, thanks Tony (and Mr. Hargette). If anyone wants to hear some great grooves and a lady with a great voice, they should check out Robin Roger’s web site.
Geez. That sounds like product placement. I’m not getting compensation. I swear. I just really liked Robin and Tony’s music. It’s great to hear somebody is doing something. Well, other than Art Mauney and Dancing Hobos.
Why am I in a truck again?

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