Mongoose And Snakes

Rocky Mount, North Carolina. In a dock at a customer. Even out here you can’t escape the lumper services. What is it about grocery warehouses, no matter how big or small, that makes them incapable of offloading and sorting their own freight?
I have nothing specific on my mind. I’m kind of sleepy. I stopped in Ashland, Virginia early last night at the TA to check my mail. I wound up tinkering on the Internet for five hours. That’s time I could have, and should have, been sleeping. But I’ve never been known for my practicality.
One thing I did do was upload the first four chapters of Neima. A couple of the people I sent it to couldn’t download the files. So I posted them in a blog format. I feel really positive about Neima. I finally found her groove. Oddly enough, it took writing by hand to do that. So I think that’s how the book will be written. First draft by hand, then transcribed into the computer for editing. We’ll see. Anyway, I like Neima so far.
I also took some time to respond to some posts on two mailing lists that I recently joined; Dogma999 and Moral Relativity 101. I think I’ll be unsubscribing from both lists, though. I don’t get my e-mail often enough because I’m on the road all the time, and I just can’t keep up. Also, there seems to be no constructive purpose to either list. The premise is promising enough. Invite people of wildly different ideological backgrounds to join a list dedicated to discussing morality, ideology, etcetera. But the end result is a lot of pointless bickering.
There are Christians on the list whose viewpoint is simply that you’re wrong because the Holy Bible says so (according to their interpretation). There are Conservatives on the list who simply believe that anyone who disagrees with them is naive, uninformed or just stupid. And there are ultra-liberals who believe in some Utopian fantasy and cannot accept the realities of human nature. The end result sounds much like a group of people who were invited to a birthday party only to find out there’s cover charge at the door.
So essentially the list moderators threw snakes and mongooses (mongeese?) into a pit and said, “Okay, you guys talk.” It was rather entertaining the first couple of days, but it’s wearing thin fast.

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