What's Wrong With My Family?

What the hell is wrong with my family?
I borrowed $500 from my aunt Sherry last week to pay the arrearage on the Countrywide account. Well, she’s been fretting ever since about when she was going to get her money. Yes, I told her that I’d give it to her at the end of the week, but I can’t use my new credit card the way I thought I could. So all I’m asking is that she wait one more week. This can’t be done.
My entire family is like this. I’m sitting here, close to losing the house, scrambling to come up with a second house payment plus arrearage for the second time in a little over two weeks, and my aunt can’t wait one more week because she’s worried about how much interest she might lose by not having that $500 in the bank?
I’m not surprised. Just disappointed. This is another relative that will never have to worry about me asking for help again.

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