Mara's NSF Charges

Well, I was being unloaded, but the guys here went on break. “Union rules,” the guy said.
Mostly I’m writing now because I checked the bank accounts this morning. I brought the balance of the joint account up to $0 so that I could close it. Now it’s $34 overdrawn. That’s the bank’s NSF charge. It’ll be interesting to see if Mara gives me the $42 for her YMCA dues, much less the $34 for the NSF charge. So far she hasn’t offered a penny on the NSF charges for the three times she’s driven the account inthe negative since she left. I can’t fathom why I’m being an asshole when I ask her to pay these charges. Hell, when she gave me the money for the insurance on the van, she did so only after I told her I knew that she had $300 in her savings account. She never offered the $34 for the NSF charge she caused. Then she said “There, I’ve paid you for the insurance. I don’t want to hear anymore about it,” like she had performed some benevolent deed and I was being ungrateful. Then she posted on her blog that she had been trying to put back some money, but that it hadn’t worked out. I’m having a hard time being sympathetic.
I hate to keep harping on Mara, but it’s just one thing after another. I’ve been trying to scrape together $500 to pay Sherry back. I told Mama I was going to be a little short because a charge had come through and put the joint checking into the red again. She asked what it was and I told her it was Mara’s YMCA dues. Mama just said “She did it again?” That says enough.
I guess the reason I’m complaining about this is that I’ve tried to be fair. Even Mara leaving me for another man, I’ve tried to be fair. But there’s nothing fair about the way she’s done me over these bills of hers and the $102 in NSF charges that she’s caused and apparently has no intention of paying.

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