Upgraded From "Uncanny" To "God-like"

Reading, Pennsylvania. I’m sitting at a customer waiting to be unloaded. Finding this place was an adventure. Basically I’m delivering at a foundry in downtown Reading. The satcom directions were useless, so I called in to the customer. The guy recommended that I move my trailer tandems all the way up because “it will help with the turns.” I made it to the customer. But if I didn’t have an ulcer before, I surely do now. I should also make a note to send a bill to the city of Reading for services rendered, for the trees I trimmed with my truck.
I don’t think my dispatcher appreciated it when I requested that the status of my driving abilities be officially upgraded from “uncanny” to “God-like.”
I need to figure out a way to keep my cellphone on. I never would have found this place if I had not been able to call the customer.

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