Wic Approved

Eden, North Carolina. I just picked up a load going to Pennsylvania for 11:30 delivery tomorrow. Good thing I volunteered to work the weekend. I don’t think Epes could get me home by tomorrow night.
I ran over to Mebane to take a shower today. That was stupid. 46 miles over to Mebane for a shower. I could have just taken a shower at the TA in Whitsett (20 miles closer). Especially since I stopped at the TA on the way back anyway to check my e-mail.
I found out while online that the joint checking account was overdrawn again. Mara’s YMCA dues came through. I asked customer service to close the account. I can’t afford to keep doing this; paying Mara’s miscellaneous bills and the recurring NSF charges. I still haven’t figured out how to move our server’s billing over to my new checking account. At this point I don’t care. I’ll worry about that later.
Carmen has been calling some and has written me a few e-mails. Mama naturally thinks that Carmen wants to get back together, but I think Carmen just wants to be friends. I don’t think I could handle any more than that right now anyway. Besides, with all these women writing me because of my MySpace and other pages, I should probably remain blissfully unencumbered for awhile. Who knows? That hot, young goth chick with multiple piercings and tattoos in interesting places may show up yet, hoping to corrupt an old guy and maybe earn her “Wic Approved” sticker.
Okay, I’m joking. I’m too old and lazy to try to keep up with someone like that. I’m more than happy to observe from afar.

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