Countrywide Rumblings

I’m still in Greensboro, but I’m ready to roll. I have air conditioning! I no longer fear Florida. Hell, I woke up this morning to someone washing my truck. They even straightened out my tag (which I bent up during my disagreement with that fire hydrant). I’m not sure I’ll be able to recognize the truck now.
I just checked my bank account. Countywide’s payments finally posted. Now we just have to wait and see if they claim they didn’t get it in time and try to foreclose on the house. They payments posting is something in my favor. However they might spin it, they’ve taken money out of my account. That’s a record of payment. Now, according to the things I’ve read on the Internet, that doesn’t necessarily represent a deterrent to a band of rogues and pirates like Countrywide, but it would be a plus in court. If they try to get clever, that’s where we’re headed.

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