Skeptical About Reality TV

I got a response from Gay P_____ today, in regard to the show. It was short and to the point. Meaning it wasn’t as friendly as previous e-mails, and pretty much it supported what I’ve come to believe, that whatever she may have seen in me was passing fancy and now there is some distancing. I never got the exclusivity agreement that she wanted me to sign. So I assume this is going nowhere.
I’ve pretty much decided that if I don’t hear from Gay or the company in a few weeks, I’m going to post the things I’ve been writing in regard to this (that so far I’ve been saving as drafts).
I’ve been wondering about that. Saving drafts, I mean. Why don’t I want to talk about this?
Mostly, I don’t want to set myself up to look like a fool in likely event that nothing ever comes of this. Sure, it’s really cool to think that someone might want to be base a reality TV show on you. But my skepticism is not only healthy, it’s thriving.
Naturally I’ve considered every possibility. Everything from this being an elaborate hoax to this being someone’s way of impressing me to some unknown end, and every absurd tangent between.
As ever, I will sit and wait. Much to my surprise, I don’t much care either way. It would be a fun and interesting experience to do a show. But at the same time I realize how much time and energy is involved in something like that. I also fully realize that in an instance such as this, the show would become your reality, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that. So basically, if it was to happen, I would go for it, just to see what happened. If it doesn’t happen, that’s fine, too.
My plans for the future really haven’t changed at all.

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