Worrying About Countrywide

Athens, Georgia. I’m stuck at a customer waiting to be loaded. The outside temperature gauge says it’s 102° outside. Have I mentioned that I have no air conditioning? I’m just sitting here baking. But it’s spurred me to do something about it. I can’t live like this.
I’ve been worrying about Countrywide today and over last weekend. I paid the house payment and arrearage by phone last Friday, but they haven’t shown up on the account yet. I’m worried that Countrywide will just say they didn’t receive my payment and move to foreclose. I’m not sure what, if any, help it would be to my defense that they gave me confirmation numbers. They could always just say that the numbers are bogus.
So if Countrywide does something like that, what am I willing to do? Do I fight? Well, that goes without saying. But how? If seems to me that if Countrywide accepted payments from me, down to taking down my checking account’s routing and account numbers, and gave me confirmation numbers to boot, if they then choose not to process it and claim that they did not receive payment, that is fraud. Surely there is a lawsuit in that.

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