No More "Poor Old Wic"

Mara came by the house yesterday evening to pick up some things. It was rather pleasant. My family seems confused by the fact that I don’t hate Mara. She makes me crazy and I want to strangle her sometimes, but when I’m around her I enjoy her company. However it may seem by my rantings in this blog, I don’t wish her any ill will. I don’t see why we have to be nasty toward one another, and I’m going to try to do better.
I was already thinking that all I’ve been doing in this blog is tearing myself down and whining about my situation. I think I’m done with that. There’s simply no point. It isn’t solving anything. It isn’t helping. I need to just get over it and move on. That’s exactly what I’m going to try to do.
As for Mara, I can certainly conceive of remaining friends with her. Sure, there will always be an undercurrent there. We were married and we’re still fond of one another. We just didn’t make a very good couple. I certainly don’t want to be her enemy.
As for the house, well, the situation that exists is just something that happened. Like it or not, it’s time to deal with it and move on. No more of this poor old Wic crap.
I’m actually looking forward to my coming adventure. That’s how I’m looking at living out of the truck. I know it’ll be hard and there will be times when I hate everybody and everything. But at the same time I know that I’ll finally be able to buy some equipment. I can finally give myself hope. I’ve always said that I could care less about being rich, if I could just be happy. Being neck-deep in music would make me happy. Truck driving is a way of getting there.
Time to stop whining and just do it.

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