Not Selling The House

Well, I paid Countrywide. I had to borrow some money from Sherry to do it, but they’re paid. That buys me a little breathing space. But not much.
I’m going to run to the grocery store here in a minute and stock the truck. I suppose I’ll call my dispatcher when I get back. I don’t want to go out today, but I need to make some money. Last week sucked so bad that I only have in about 500 miles. Of course, Monday is Memorial Day. So I worry that I won’t run worth a damn over the weekend, and will just wind up sitting over Memorial Day. I’d rather do that at home.
But what do you do? Nothing.
I’ve almost decided against selling the house to that guy for the balance of the loan with Countrywide. I don’t know. This just doesn’t seem very kosher to me. I feel like someone is going to come out of this smelling like a damned rose, and it isn’t going to be me. There’s also the matter of honor, in that I have a hard time just giving away Loretta’s house. I really don’t care whether the bankruptcy court takes some or even all of the money and pays it toward Mara’s bankruptcy. I don’t want to dishonor Loretta by just throwing away the only thing that she got out of 20+ years of running the cafe.

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