Lumper Rant

I’m at a grocery warehouse in Charlotte. These places still amaze me. There’s just something that blows my mind about the arrogance of a company that orders something from a shipper and, when it arrives, charges the trucking company to unload their own product.
Well, they pay lip service to choice. You can unload your own truck if you like. But you can’t use a forklift or an electric pallet jack. Nope. I good old hand push pallet jack is all their insurance will allow to use (wink-wink). And if you still decide to unload it yourself, it goes to the next level.
The guy in line before me is a good example. He only had four skids, so he was going to do it himself. No problem. But the product has to be broken down and sorted onto eight other skids, he was told. They guy in Receiving kind of looked at the driver, rolled his eyes and shrugged when the driver said he wanted to do it still.
I can only assume that driver was an owner/operator and was trying to save himself some money. No small wonder. I only had four skids myself and they’re charging $90 to take them off my truck.
The difference between me and that owner/operator is that my company will pay for this. Otherwise, I’m sure that I’d be in there with a pallet jack, breaking down those skids.

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