Briefly At Home

I’m about to go to bed. I didn’t even mention it, but I came home because the customer in Charlotte wouldn’t unload me or let me drop. I needed a shower, so here I am. I’m bleary eyed and I’ll have to leave at 04:00.
Mama is home. Her injury proved to be not so bad, but it could have been much worse. Essentially she stumbled on the back porch and grabbed that flimsy railing, which gave way. She fell off of the porch and hit her head on a rock. Scared the hell out of the nurse next door, because a huge knot came up on her head.
But Mama’s okay. Battered, yes, and she’s going to be sore as hell for awhile. But she’s okay. I thought about telling Epes I needed some time, in case Mama needs me, but I think at this point that would be giving up in my fight against Countrywide. I’m not ready to surrender just yet. And Epes is supposed to have me back home tomorrow, yes?
I’m thankful Mama’s okay. I thought for a moment that because some things looked like they might be going my way, the Universe might have come to collect. For every good thing that has happened to me in my life, there has had to be a heavy price paid. I’m glad that at least this time I didn’t have to pay with losing Mama.
Oh, well. I’ve stayed up much later than I intended to. I should at least get some token sleep. God only knows what Epes will come up with after I deliver.

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