Don't Panic

Bordentown, New Jersey. I came down here from my last delivery, hoping to get my last trip sent in on time so that I could get paid for it this week. It’ll be a piss-poor paycheck if I don’t. But I don’t think I made it. I think the cut-off is 11:30, and my papers were scanned at 11:54.
This doesn’t bode well. Since the courts have essentially screwed me, Countrywide is probably going to foreclose on the house. Thanks to no one being willing to tell me anything and Mara telling me I wouldn’t have a payment until June, I was unprepared for May payment. If I had known, I could have let Verizon go. If not for Mara screwing me out of the insurance on the van, that and Verizon would be half of the money I need. And right now I have about half.
Mama said “maybe a miracle will happen.” Right.

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