Formulating A Game Plan

Well, I’ve wasted another weekend. But I’ve begun to formulate a game plan about how to proceed around the house. First, I’m going to need to get a storage building. I’ll get the bedroom furniture out of the house first, and then I can use that room as a staging area for the things that I bring down out of the attic. It’s going to be one hell of a job. I just haven’t know what to do. Now I’m beginning to figure it out. All I have to do is get by the next house payment and I’m good.
I’ve also figured out what to do with my Thunderbird. There’s a storage place over in Gastonia where I could park it. Well, I think so, anyway. If someone can store an RV or a boat over there, I don’t see why someone couldn’t store an old Thunderbird. I could go over there on the weekends and get it, and work on it. I may have lost my marriage, and I may be losing my house, but I will not lose that old Thunderbird. Hell, soon it will be about all I have left. Maybe I can patch us both back up at the same time.
I found some pretty cheap copies of Windows XP on eBay. I think I’m going to fix my computer by just buying a new copy of XP and starting from scratch. Assuming I’ll ever be able to afford that. Bank of America is sending me a credit card. I suppose I could buy the software with that. It’s rather important to me to get the laptop straightened. It will soon be my lifeline.
I don’t think I’m going to be working the weekend anymore unless I just have to. I was supposed to work this weekend, but I told my dispatcher that my soul was feeling kind of threadbare. I needed to come home and just stare at the walls for a bit. Hopefully I won’t do that every week. There’s just too much to do around here.

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