Officially Depressed

Ok, I’m officially depressed. I mounted my semi-annual search for Mike Peeler today, and instead found Tony Rogers. Tony was one of the guys I played with back once upon a time, with Mike and Ted. Tony’s married now, and he and his wife seem to have a career rolling.
Anyway, finding Tony made me go looking for other people. I found a few of the people I used to play with. All of them are doing pretty good. All of them are making music. Some more successfully than others. But they’re all doing it.
I suppose I’m jealous. I’m chained to a truck and facing eviction, and all I want to do is pick up my bass and disappear into some dark nightclub somewhere. That isn’t a lofty goal, and I can’t even have that.
Well, it was good to know Tony is doing well and is doing what he loves. It’s good to know that somebody is.

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