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Mara's Insurance

Mara’s pissing me off. Her new insurance on the van came through on our joint checking account and drove the account into a negative balance. Keep in mind that Mara hasn’t put any money into this account since April 14th. I told her about this, but apparently she has no intention of putting any money in there now. So I think it’s time we closed this account. I’m was willing to keep the account open to make sure that certain bills are paid, but I didn’t intend to pay some of Mara’s bills, as well. It’d be different if she was putting any money into the account. Hell, a charge for an Everquest II account she’s paying for one of her friends just came through, too. Guess who paid that?
I’m really tired of this shit. I’ve tried to be fair about everything. But at this moment, I am not only getting fucked, I’m being fucked repeatedly.

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