Pissed At Epes

Man, I had just about gotten over being angry at Epes. Then I arrived at the shipper today and found out that contrary to what Epes told me, this customer doesn’t close on Saturday. My load has been ready since yesterday afternoon. I could have picked it up and been home today.
I won’t list the expletives I’ve referred to Epes by today. Suffice it to say that my dispatcher will be getting an ear-full Monday morning. Especially if I can’t deliver early and I’m still sitting in a dock at the consignee when he comes in to work.
I don’t know. Maybe this is karma. I had several opportunities to help people on my way down to Florida, but I didn’t want to be bothered. Okay, so the next time some unwashed tramp comes up to me and wants to know if I will give her a ride a few exits down or some money, I’ll do it. And if I wind up with my throat cut, that karma will be on the powers that be.

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