Not A Happy Camper

I am beside myself, thinking about what Epes has done to me. Maybe I was premature in thinking of them as a decent company.
Okay, so I’m mad and frustrated. But here’s the deal. I have several appointments on Monday. So I requested Monday off. I delivered last Thursday and expected to be sent toward the house from Jackson, Tennessee. Instead they gave me a load going to Kissimmee, Florida. Look, I didn’t want to work the weekend. But if that’s the price for having Monday off, fine. I figured I would get home on Saturday.
Well, when I delivered on Saturday they gave me a load that couldn’t pick up until 13:00 on Sunday, and delivered on Monday morning at 06:00. Not only have I been volunteered to work the weekend, but they’ve already made it almost impossible to make my first appointment.
I am not a happy camper.

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