Not Technically Homeless

Man, I have to make sure to bring my laptop with me from now on. This NSA phone number database story has broken and I’ve had plenty to say about it for The Watch. But it’s all been written by hand in my notebook and I have no way of posting it. I might as well face my change of fortune and start keeping the laptop on the truck with me. Hell, soon I’ll have to anyway. I won’t have a home to return to every weekend. This truck will be my home.
I suppose that means my base of operations is going mobile. I’m trying very hard to look at that reality as something new, different and, dare I say, cool. I guess as long as I have a shelter from the elements and a permanent mailing address, I won’t technically be homeless, will I? I’m going to consider it a technicality that the shelter and the mailing address are not at the same location. Hehe

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