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I’m about to leave. I’m heading out much later that Epes will probably care for, but I’m having a hard time getting motivated. Somehow this feels like a de-embarkation point. This is where I begin putting distance behind me between my old life and my new.
Mostly I’m writing because I started posting M.E. Caldwell as a blog tonight. That’s kicked my mind into over-drive. It felt really good to visit with the old girl, even though I only posted two chapters. I hope that updating the section will make the book a little more accessible. At least it won’t look like an ancient HTML file in a world of web pages where even kids have web sites with amazing graphics and formatting.
I used to be someone else. I’ve been shut down, cold and on the defensive for so long that I have a hard time thinking of M.E. Caldwell as my work.
All that aside, I view her as a friend, and it’s nice to feel her presence again. I think in the days ahead I’m going to need her.
Oh, I’ve also created a blog for PaganCentric, which is an organization out of The Assimilation Soundtrack. It’s just a simple blog that will be written from the perspective of characters from the book. It doesn’t serve much of a purpose, really, but it made me feel better to do it.

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