Mara's Bankruptcy Papers

I was looking over some bankruptcy papers that Mara left behind. There’s at least one thing she’s been untruthful about. She told me that the van was not on the bankruptcy settlement, but the paperwork shows clearly that it is. So essentially Mara was willing to let me volunteer to pay the bankruptcy settlement, thinking that she was going to have to pay the van payment. But it appears the van payment is on the bankruptcy settlement and is part of that monthly payment. So Mara was going to walk away scott-free without a bill to her name.
I’m going to call tomorrow and request an appointment to see Mara’s lawyer, Regina. I don’t know that Regina can legally tell me anything, or if she’ll be willing to if she can, but I need some answers here.
I’m also terrified about what’s going to happen with the house. Mara hasn’t been very truthful about a lot of things. For all I know she was supposed to be in court on Friday and decided to just walk away and let me deal with the mess of her not showing up.
Well, I’m going to clean up in here. Mara left in such a hurry Saturday that she left a lot of things behind. I asked her to show me her bankruptcy papers on many occasions, but she never produced them. God only knows what she’s done. Hopefully I can find something to give me a clue about what’s been going on.

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