BBE Sonic Maximizer

I hooked up my new (to me) BBE Sonic Maximizer 462 to the stereo tonight so that Mara and Mama could hear it. Man, I’ve missed having one of these things. I skipped through a couple of CDs, then Mama and I watched a few things from Cream’s Royal Albert Hall 2005 DVD, Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii, and Roger Waters’ In The Flesh. All sounded incredible with the BBE process in, and sounded incredibly dull with it out.
After Mama went to bed I put in the new King Kong to see how much of a difference the Sonic Maximizer made on a regular movie. I have to admit that at first I was sort of disappointed. I thought it sounded great, but the difference wasn’t as profound as it had been with the music. But when I turned on the DVD player (which was run through the 462), I was surprised by how dull the regular television channels sounded.
I think I have the bug again. I should probably disconnect the 462 from the stereo and never hook it up in there again, or I’ll never be able to listen to television without it.

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