Weird Spell

Had a weird spell (as Mama might call it) last night. I made my pickup and was heading east on I-10 when I got this sudden, sharp headache and started feeling like I was going to pass out. It was like when I’ve driven past my limits and my body is trying to shut down on me.
I pulled into a rest area and thought I was going to be sick or pass out. I actually started greying out before I laid down, but I felt a little better afterward. I wrote Mara a few messages, but was having a hard time concentrating. I kept hitting the wrong letters. I don’t mind telling you, it scared me.
I think Mara knew something was wrong but just couldn’t bring herself to give a shit. I was probably interrupting her Everquest time. Anyway, I told her and Mama (I was talking to them both in text messages) that I was going to take a nap. It was taking too much effort to write and it was making me feel sick besides.
So I tried to take a nap, but realized that I was really scared because I felt so strange. But I did the standard “Hello, God. Remember me?” prayer and felt a little better. I was able to sleep, at least.
I just woke up a little bit ago. I still feel strange. I have a bit of a headache and am a little nauseous. I’d like to eat something and take some Goody’s powders, but the idea of eating really makes me feel sick.
My thoughts are clearer, but I’m still having some issues. My spatial judgement is off a bit (I just about hit a pump with my trailer here at the truckstop I just stopped at). I started to panic when I got out of the truck because I couldn’t find my cellphone (I had hung it on my pants pocket like I always do when I take it inside with me). I’m only slobbering over this stuff in case it turns out there IS something wrong with me. At least there will be a record of what was going on.
Of course, it just occurred to me that this is all going to live on our server unless I can get my e-mail. I wonder if Mara would think to get my e-mail if something did happen?

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