I Weighed Today

I weighed today. 324. If memory serves, that means that I haven’t lost anything since the last time I weighed. It’s no big surprise given the way we eat on the weekends. Mama works hard on me every weekend to go off of my diet.
Now, I’m not blaming Mama. I alone am responsible for what I eat. But Mama certainly doesn’t help. Last weekend it was pizza. That’s all I heard all day Saturday. Pizza, pizza, pizza. I was determined I wasn’t getting pizza. But eventually we did. Last week it was Bojangles. I should face it, really. Mama isn’t going to stop. So if she wants pizza or Bojangles, I should get it for her, but get none for myself. It’s like I’ve told Mama and Mara both. I work too hard at this through the week to throw it all out the window when I come home on the weekend.
By the way, the point of starting this post was to mention that I’m wearing a pair of my old size 48 Wrangler jeans today. That’s proof that while I may have stalled temporarily, I am making progress. To date I’ve lost twenty six pounds. My next waypoint is 320 lbs (30 lost). Who knows? My next official weigh will be on May 1st. A week and a half from now. I don’t expect to make it. But that’s my target. I don’t intend to give up this time.

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