Feeling Pretty Positive

I’m still at home. I have a load that needs to be delivered, but I can’t get hold of my dispatcher to find out when I should deliver it. The customer requires an appointment for delivery, but Epes doesn’t seem to be getting around to arranging one.
Fine with me. I wouldn’t mind an extra day off. But I have a feeling I’ll get a frantic call from Epes here in a bit, wanting to know if I can deliver in twenty minutes because someone finally set the appointment but never told the driver (me).
I had a productive weekend, I think. Saturday I worked in the yard. Cut the grass and trimmed the yard (which was a bigger project than you would think). I washed the mildew off of the side of the house (which was also a big project). I also did a lot of general things that just needed doing. Swept the curb in front of the house (which didn’t look like it had been cleaned in years). I waged war on the ants that have been invading the house. Mama and I sprayed out some liquid Turf-Builder in the front yard. Sunday I worked on the mildew a bit more, cleaned up some more out in the yard, and spread some grass seed in the front yard. I even got Mara outside to wash some of the windows with some spray on/rinse off stuff that I bought.
Long story short, I worked pretty hard, and it’s made a big difference. The house doesn’t look so much like it’s on the verge of being condemned.
I had some leisure time, too. Mama and I watched King Kong Friday night. I did a bunch of maintenance and tweaking on my computer. And I got to hang with Mara on occasion. She actually left EQ on a couple of occasions and just came to sit with me on the couch.
Because of the problems with the van, I took Mara to work Saturday morning in the truck. That seemed funny to me. On the way home I stopped by Lowe’s, Office Depot and Wal-Mart in Shelby and Bridges Hardware here in Kings Mountain. It felt really bizarre to have to do this running around in the truck. But, of course, I’m used to it, so it wasn’t all that odd.
All in all, I feel pretty positive about things at the moment. We still have a long ways to go (and that can apply to everything here; house improvements, personal relationships, etc), but we’ve made progress.

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