… One Step Back

I was feeling kind of good about things in general. It’s a beautiful day. I’ m headed home. Life didn’t entirely suck.
Well, someone must have told the Universe. Mara got stopped by the police on her way home. Our tag was dead. So he took it.
Now I find out that one reason the tag was dead was that we never paid the taxes on it, so we couldn’t renew the tag. I just assumed the damned taxes had been paid. But it explains a lot. Like why we didn’t have insurance on the van, either.
Geez, I have to get on top of things at home. Mara doesn’t seem to take any of this stuff seriously. When I ask her if something has been taken care of, she always tells me that it has, and tends to assume that she’ll take care of it before I can find out any differently.
Obviously, that doesn’t always work out.

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