A Yankee Is A Northern Redneck

I realize that I’ve been throwing around the word ‘Yankee’ a lot. I feel like I should point out that I draw a distinction between a Northerner and a Yankee, just as I would hope that Northerners draw a distinction between Southerners and Rednecks. I’ve met a lot of nice people in the North. It takes more than a brisk manner and a little habitual rudeness for someone to be a Yankee, according to the Book of Wic.
Really, a Yankee to me is just a Northern Redneck. In short, an asshole. I’ve walked away from people in the South thinking “damned redneck” and for the same reasons.
And before anyone can say “he’s Southern. I bet he has a special word for black people, too” I’ll tell you right now that you’re wrong. Black people can be assholes, Rednecks and Yankees. It’s all about attitude with me. Race, religion or culture doesn’t enter into it. So don’t go there unless you want to examine your very own biases and prejudices.

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