Headed To Birmingham

Monday morning. Headed to Birmingham. As usual I didn’t leave as early as I should have. So it’s going to be a hard run to get to delivery on time. What else is new, right?
My mixing board was waiting for me when I got home Friday. Being the lazy fuck that I am, I didn’t go up into the attic and fish out some patch cables so that I could check it, my ADAT or my reel-to-reel out. Nor did I round up a power cord to see if the mixer would turn on.
So basically, I suck.
I can’t account for my weekend. I don’t know what I did with it. Nothing productive that I can recall. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. It depends on your perspective and priorities.
The first thing I did Saturday was catch up my huge backlog of blog entries and general notes to myself. That took quite awhile. Then I wrote a poem for Mara to make up for my cluelessness on Friday. Then I installed BloodRayne 2 on my computer and tinkered with it a bit. Oh, and I did system maintenance on the computer. All in all, not enough to take up my whole day, but it did. Saturday night I wound up on the couch watching a Law & Order marathon.
Sunday was much the same. The progress that I can claim is not much to be proud of. I moved my external hard drive back to my computer from Mara’s and discovered that my computer ran better now that the hard drive was not on our network but directly connected. Apparently my computer had kept some kind of connection with that drive, and since it was over the network it slowed everything down. All I know is that my system runs better. So much so that I was able to play Everquest with Mara for a few hours (though I’m still having some performance issues with EQ).
The big hit of the evening was the new bathroom vanity. I took it out of the box and fitted it together in the living room so that we could see what it looks like. We’re all in love with it. I can’t wait to put it in, and I hope that at some point I’ll get off mx lazy ass and do so. Now, I should say here that we have to tile the bathroom floor first. So this is not just my laziness at play.
Anyway, Mara and I again wrapped up our evening watching television. We watched a program on The Gospel of Judas, accompanied by the requisate spat with Mama over “them” trying to “change things.” All Mama knows is that The Gospel of Judas contradicts the Biblical account of Judas, and it smacks of heresy to her. I think maybe Mara and I were showing our pagan, anti-christian bias by watching it, as far as Mama was concerned.
Speaking of Mama, she still seems to be planning to move out. As much as I hate to see her do that, I think it would be better for all of us if she she did. She feels somewhat oppressed by our presence and Mara feels the same way about Mama’s presence. It would do both of them good to have their own space. Of course, Mara will still have to contend with me. But I don’t think she’ll resent that as much as having to contend with me and Mama.
Well, anyway, that was my weekend. I ran off and left my bedclothes, so it’s going to be an interesting week. On the upside, staying warm in this truck is not a problem.

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