Moving Out

Mama’s talking about moving out again. She finally actually went and looked at those low-rent apartments for seniors, and she sounds like she’s made up her mind. Time will tell. I kind of wish she would get one of those apartments. At least then she would be around other people, instead of sitting around the house with nothing to do but analyze everything that Mara and I said in the previous couple of weeks.
I also like the idea that Mama would have something lined up in the unlikely event that the maggots at Countrywide Home Loans find a technicality they can use to take the house.
I also think it would be good for the other tenants. Mama is such a blessing to everybody. For all we know she may be needed over there. Not to take care of people. But to be everybody’s little ray of sunshine.
I would still feel guilty about living in that house while Mama lived in an apartment but I could probably make my peace with it. I have to admit that Mara and I could use the extra room.
In the end, I want Mama to do what would make her happy. She wants me to have a say in this, but I want it to be her decision alone.
Anyway, we’ll see. Mama’s been fired up before and changed her mind.

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