Winning A BBE

The last I heard I was winning a BBE 462 sonic maximizer on ebay (which I’ve just been thinking about). I’m a little surprised by this. I only bid a limit of $100, had high bid at $80, and it still had a day and a half left on the auction. But for whatever reason, no one else has bid on it.
Mara’s been very patient with me during these recent ebay rampages. Probably more so than I would be with her were our positions reversed. I am going to stay away from ebay for a while.
I should especially show some restraint given our recent blood-letting. Mara had the brakes on the van repaired yesterday. That was over $300. Then she picked up that bathroom sink that we all wanted. That was another $300. I suggested that we wait on the sink, but I didn’t protest that Mara wanted to go ahead and get it. We’ll be fine financially, but it’s still a lot of money to drop in one day. Maybe not in our dedicated run days. But those days are long gone.

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