Cakewalk Sonar

I won a copy of Cakewalk Sonar on ebay today. I had figured on buying a copy of the Home Studio edition, but this guy was selling his copy of the Producer 4 version. I won it for $45. It’s a bit overkill, because I’m only going to be using it to sequence my drum machine and other MIDI gear. I don’t think my laptop would even handle the hard drive recording features. But this program will also help me manage my synth patches if and when I get another synthesizer (a used Korg M1 is the plan).
Long story short, Cakewalk Sonar will help me tie in my computer and MIDI equipment with the ADATs. Together, all this stuff will make the monster system of my wet dreams. Okay, so it’s an ancient dream built upon now largely obselete equipment. But going back in time to an early to mid 1990’s era professional studio beats doing nothing but gazing hungrily at all the modern equipment that is very out of my reach.

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