Reponse To Countrywide

A copy of my response to Countrywide’s letter.

David Ryan
c/o Insurance Dept.
MS: FTW-22
P.O. Box 961206
Fort Worth, TX 76161-9911

April 5, 2006

Re: Loan Number XX

Dear David Ryan,

I don’t know who has informed you that the property located at

XX Rd.,
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

was vacant, but you have been misinformed. I attempted to call the number provided in your letter, 800-669-6607, to discuss this matter, but oddly enough after over an hour on hold, I was never able to talk to anyone about this.

I have enclosed a copy of our last month’s power bill. You may note that the amount due, $364.28, is a bit high for a vacant property. This is because the property is not vacant. If you need further proof, I invite you to fly over to North Carolina and visit us. I would most certainly enjoy the opportunity to discuss this and other issues with a representative of Countrywide Home Loans in person.

Please be advised that we will be forwarding a copy of your letter to our lawyer and requesting that she respond to this, as well. Countrywide has a habit of not receiving payments and correspondence when it suits its purposes. In addition to our lawyer’s response, I will, therefore, also be mailing a copy of this letter to Countrywide via registered letter. Just in case this letter is lost in the mail, as well.

As for the notice of vacancy coverage, I feel I must advise you that my wife and I consider this action to be yet another in a long line of harassment at the hand of Countrywide, owing much to the fact that we cannot imagine how Countrywide would come to the conclusion that this property was vacant. As such, if Countrywide attempts to place vacancy coverage on our property despite this required response to your letter, we will seek legal measures against Countrywide Home Loans.

In summation, this property is not vacant, and Countrywide has no legal right to try to force additional fees onto our loan. Any attempt to do so will be met with vigorous legal challenge.

If you wish to discuss this matter with me, you may contact me on my cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please be advised that this cell phone is used for business purposes, and any harassment by Countrywide beyond this one invitation to discuss the matter of vacancy coverage is quite illegal.


K.R. Lovelace

P.S. You may note that I have covered over certain information on the copy of our power bill. If you wonder about this, I simply did that because I do not believe that Countrywide needs to know our account number with the City of Kings Mountain.

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