My New SG-1 Look

Been thinking about my weekend and wondering what, if anything, I should mention.
I should probably mention the ADAT. I checked it out Friday night when I got in. Well, as best as I could. I confirmed that it’ll come on. That’s about the extent of it. I didn’t have any tapes, so I couldn’t check out the functions. I wasn’t happy to find out it was refurbished. I’m not afraid of a refurb, but the seller didn’t mention that in the auction. I’ll pick up some tapes next weekend and give it a going over.
I cut my hair Saturday. I was out in the yard cutting up some fallen limbs and my hair was driving me crazy hanging down in my face. I got tired of it, went inside and got my hair trimmer and a pair of scissors, and had at it. Mara had to come in after me and shape it up. It turned out pretty well. It’s now officially short. Not quite a military cut, but I don’t need a brush anymore. Hell, I don’t need a comb. Mara really likes it. It’s a lot cooler, so I like it. Mama couldn’t stop staring at me. So I think it’s a hit. I’m now sporting what Mara called “the SG-1 look.”
Sunday Mara, Mama and I went to Lowes in Shelby to pick up a few things and to check out some things we need to finish the bathroom. We came across a sink and mirror set. We liked them so much that Mama bought the mirror and Mara and I committed to buying the sink. The two will make a great focal point for the bathroom. We also settled on some floor tile and a shower liner. I’m kind of excited that we’ve gotten this far. Mara is going back to get the sink tomorrow. I’m going to buy the tile this weekend. Hell, in a month we’ll have a new bathroom. Hell, we even found a light fixture we all agreed on. I’m psyched.

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