Dreaming Of ADATs

Dreaming of ADATs today. Since one has proven possible, I’m thinking big again. Instead of 24 tracks (3 ADATs), why not 48 tracks (6). This is just my mind occupying itself. 24 tracks will be enough, and that’s what I’m going for. But I can’t help of 48, even if whimsically. The price of 6 ADATs at going rates would be $1,200-1,500. Even the higher price is $1,000 lower than the original price of just one unit.
Ok, so it’s nice to think about, but it’s very unlikely. 3 more ADATs would mean other equipment. Most notably another mixing board (the one I’m going to buy costs $1,000). So we’ll see. It’s nice to think about, but in the same way that you dream after buying a lottery ticket. Besides, Mara would kill me.

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