Greensboro Vagina

Had a young woman show me her vagina tonight. That was somewhat unexpected.
I was on Market Street in Greensboro and missed my turn to get on US-29 south. This sent me toward downtown (which is not good in a big truck). Anyway, I came up to a place where the road split into two one-way roads, and in between were some restaurants and clubs. This is where I decided to turn around.
Anyway, as I was coming up to the stoplight (at Friendly Street, oddly enough), I saw three college age girls in evening dresses who were stumbling along, apparently feeling no pain. I waved as I went by, and as I pulled up to the light one of the girls yelled “Hey, Mr. Truck Driver! Roll down your window!” I did so reluctantly. She said “How much would you pay me to see what God gave me?” I told her I only had a dollar or two. She said “Make it ten.”
Well, I had a ten dollar bill. What the hell, right? If nothing else, I figured I was participating in some story she’d get to tell all her friends. I figured she’d either run giggling with my money or maybe show me her breasts. So I handed the $10 out the window. She came over and grabbed it and trotted back over to her friends, giggling. I shrugged, figuring I’d been had (and probably deserved it).
Then she got under one of the street lights (the bright orange phospherous ones) and bent over with her butt facing me. She pulled her dress up to her hips, a little bit at a time in a tease until her ass was bare. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She bent over deep and gave me a long look. I saw enough to be able to say that she was shaved and that she hadn’t worn it out yet.
By this time her friends were crying they were laughing so hard. I think my jaw was probably on the ground beside the truck.
She stood up and straightened out her dress, put her hands on her hips and said “Well?”
I didn’t seem to have any words or phrases that could be adapted to the situation, so the best I could come up with was “Very nice,” and when that seemed lacking, “Thank you, ma’am.”
Then I noticed my light was green and I took my blushing ass on.

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