331 Pounds

I just weighed. 331 pounds. That means I’ve lost 19 pounds since I started with Epes in November. Slowly, but surely, and 80 pounds to go. My next waypoint is the upper 320’s. I think this time I’m in it for the long haul. A couple of things are working in my favor this time. My job fits the diet I’m on (Atkins), because meat is easy to come by on the road. Then when I get home on the weekends I relax the restrictions a little, which keeps me from feeling deprived.
Another thing, and probably the most important, is my attitude. I realize this is a marathon and not a sprint. I accept that I’m going to fail some. I’m going to slip and make mistakes. There are going to be pizza nights. It’s okay if I fall off the proverbial horse on occasion. As long as I get right back on.
It’s funny how losing a few pounds when you thought you had most likely gained can change your whole outlook on your day.

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