iRiver FM Transmitter

Been giving my new iRiver FM transmitter a workout today. Man, it’s great to be able to listen to my iPod again. I haven’t fully loaded it yet. But I don’t think I’ll ever take the approach I did before, trying to put just about everything on there. This time I just put on music I’ll be likely to listen to. For instance, I don’t see a point in having the entire Judas Priest collection on my iPod. When was the last time I listened to any of it?
No, I think it’ll be mostly new experiences from here on out. Since I’m not staying on the road for six weeks at a time now, it doesn’t make sense to clutter up my iPod with music that I might listen to, but probably won’t.
Hell, I think a re-shuffling of priorities across the board might be in order.

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