I Bid On Six ADATs?

I bid on six different Alesis ADATs tonight on eBay. I don’t expect to win a single one. I only bid $100 on each one. Hell, I’d already been outbid on one of them before I left the house tonight. I’m only $25 from my maximum bid on all but one with twenty hours to go on two, two days to go on two, and $50 and four days to go on the last one.
Only a burp in the fabric of the Universe would see me winning any of these. I mostly bid on these to shake my fist at the fates. Kind of like buying lottery ticket. It’s something nice to think about. That’s all. If nothing else, I have at least determined that should I ever be in a position to go after these old Alesis ADAT XT-20s, they’ll cost me about $250 each. That still beats the hell out of their original $2,500.
As ever, here’s to hope. Maybe someday.

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