Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Read an article in today’s USA Today about Franklin Graham. The accompanying picture probably says it all. He’s standing there with his arms crossed and a stern look upon his face, wearing a bomber jacket, standing in front of a big cross. He looks to fancy himself a commander in some Christian army, guilding himself and his troops for some future religious and culture war. From his past rhetoric it’s clear that’s how he sees himself.
Mama and I have argued over Franklin Graham. She (and a lot of other Americans, apparently) seems to confuse the son with the father. There are vast differences between the two. Billy Graham preached about God’s love and offer of salvation. Franklin Graham preaches about God’s damnation of each and every soul that doesn’t capitulate.
The story was about Franklin taking over the Graham ministries now that Billy is officially retiring. I think I should comment about this on The Watch. It may also be time to re-label the Religious Right Groups section, and change it to American Taliban.
USA Today article: Billy Graham’s son takes the pulpit, his own way

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